Saturday, October 22, 2011


I re-read my last posts could re-live all those moments, the good and the bad. It's crazy to read those posts, seems like forever ago. Shoot. Lots has happened since I started blogging! This blog thing is becoming like an every 5 month kinda thing. Shoot. I really say I'm gonna do better but I never do! Shoot. I am saying shoot a lot in the post titled shoot, shoot. Okay I'll stop. So right now I am in the middle of the semester of death. Human phys, microbiology (I'm turning into a germaphobe), and chemistry.. Online.. Not the greatest idea I've ever had but I only did it because it makes it so can apply for the dental hygiene program at Dixie. I can't wait! I want a real job! I've gotta make it through this semester first. I'm so glad it's half over!! Anyways, been doing the usual. Work, concerts, meeting famous people.. NBD. Hahaha. But really I'm a poor college student. Soo ready to blow this popsicle stand that i call suu/cedar. Well.. That is all I think. Hopefully since I have a blog app.. I'll actually post more often? Mayybe. Peace!

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