Saturday, October 22, 2011


I re-read my last posts could re-live all those moments, the good and the bad. It's crazy to read those posts, seems like forever ago. Shoot. Lots has happened since I started blogging! This blog thing is becoming like an every 5 month kinda thing. Shoot. I really say I'm gonna do better but I never do! Shoot. I am saying shoot a lot in the post titled shoot, shoot. Okay I'll stop. So right now I am in the middle of the semester of death. Human phys, microbiology (I'm turning into a germaphobe), and chemistry.. Online.. Not the greatest idea I've ever had but I only did it because it makes it so can apply for the dental hygiene program at Dixie. I can't wait! I want a real job! I've gotta make it through this semester first. I'm so glad it's half over!! Anyways, been doing the usual. Work, concerts, meeting famous people.. NBD. Hahaha. But really I'm a poor college student. Soo ready to blow this popsicle stand that i call suu/cedar. Well.. That is all I think. Hopefully since I have a blog app.. I'll actually post more often? Mayybe. Peace!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Holy Crap

It has been soooo long since i posted. So much has happened in that like six almost seven months. Well last time i posted i still had a grandpa. My grandpa's health had been going down hill for quite some time, and finally it all caught up with him and he ended up in the hospital with a collapsed right lung and congestive heart failure. They got him stable, and were going to try and keep his heart from going out of rhythm. The medicine that was supposed to be helping his heart made his kidneys fail, and when they tried to fix his kidney's his heart went out of rhythm. It was an on going cycle that they couldnt control. He was having a hard time breathing, and they were looking at installing a ventilator, grandpa said no. He wanted to go. So the last time I saw my grandpa, he was alive and talking, a few hours later, he was gone. It all happened so fast that i didnt have time to even realize what was happening. Before i knew it, i was getting ready to go to the viewing. i wasnt ready for any of this, but when are you? so i went to the viewing and saw the video with all the pictures of my grandpa playing in the lobby of the morgue, the first song was, "Nat King Cole- Unforgettable". That was it. Completely lost it. I went into the viewing room and saw my grandpa laying there, more peaceful than i had seen him since my grandma was alive. It was seriously not okay, i wasnt okay with any of this happening. Im still not completely over it. I bawl when i pass his house everyday. It just doesn't seem real. Well during all of this my sister, Brooke, was having my first niece. I was on this emotional rollercoaster of death. It was really hard to be happy for a new baby, when i just lost my grandpa, and it was really hard to be sad about my grandpa when i was so excited for a new niece! On top of all of that, the day of the funeral, i was going to see my idol, Lady Gaga! i dont know how i made it threw that week. seriously. but i made it, i love my niece more than anything. lady gaga is my favorite person in the whole world. so in between all of this i was still working and going to school. school was rough.. my anatomy class almost killed me. after this week of insanity, i was left with a foggy brain. i could not for the life of me remember lectures or anything for that matter. it still hasnt fully come back either :/  but i made it. i had a little break and now im back at it. im taking a summer math class that i absolutely hate. it is the worst thing that i have ever done. it is at 7 AM, and i have been working at the theater almost everday. All-in-all, i am completely pooped, and stressed. I cant wait for July 1st because thats when i take my final, and i can be DONE! On June 24th, im going to Kid Cudi! I cant wait. I love me some Cudi, and Vegas! It should be a nice little get away. I almost forgot, cleaning out my grandpa's house, i got a lot of treasures. one of my favorites is my grandmas record player and all of her records. Records are my new favorite thing. LOVE them. Well i think that i should stop. I need to learn to keep up so i dont have to write as much. Ill do my best, but thats what i always say. Ha.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

turning over a new leaf..

I am turning over a new leaf. My room is clean, and I have most of my clothes put away. I promise to keep it clean.....Nah. i always say that after it takes me almost 2 hours to find the floor and put my dirty clothes in the laundry room (which is literally steps from my door), and my family calls me a "disgusting mess" enough times to realize my room is a disgusting mess. It took my dad to say he was going to put all the clothes on the floor in a black bag and throw them away for me to find the time to clean my room. All my favorites were out! Well i cant make any promises but...i will try to keep my room clean for longer than 3 days. Yikes! I finished painting the bebe's room today! Its VERY pink and very cute i love it. Raul is putting the crib together tomorrow. So maybe if i get time ill post some pictures? i will have to see how much time i have before work tomorrow..BOO!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010


WELL... I got talked into starting a blog, even though it didn't take much. I don't know how much I will update it once school starts again, but i'll try my best. My life is completely uninteresting so their will probably be just a bunch of random things on here. Anyway, I will start by telling you what has been going on in my life for the past while. Dang.. where to start. I'll start with This semester started out interesting. I procrastinated getting my books like always and last semester I swore I wouldn't buy my books from SUU bookstore ever again.. I always get so mad that they want to give me 2 dollars for a 90 dollar book! Ask Brooke if you want to know just how mad..hahaha. With that I also hated my classes. I hate all sorts of communication, and I had to take interpersonal communication as a pre-req. My professor was the probably the worst one yet, not including Jill Wilks..she is someone i have blocked out. This interpersonal professor mentioned Oprah at least once everyday. Did I mention I hate Oprah? She is taking over the world one day I swear. Ugh that class was no good, besides i got to know Carly a little better, which was fun. She is super nice. Next up is ENGLISH! My worst subject. I hate it! I took it from my 1010 professor since i really liked her and she wasnt a beast of a grader. That class was pretty hard for me. I am just no good at writing. I am not creative AT ALL. I had it with my friend Chelsey though, that made it more bearable. Next up.. Psych 1010 with Les Jones.. i think thats all i need to say to sum up my semester of that nonsense. I am lucky i snuck by with a b-! I am proud of myself for that one. So enough school. This fall I think all I did was leave Cedar and spend money. I went to a handful of concerts all semester, mostly with Chuck. I can say that all the concerts i went to this fall were epic to say the least. First we went to Beach House. I LOVE Beach House. It was sooo sweet except for the fact that they were playing with Vampire Weekend :S    I dont like Vampire Weekend or the people that like Vampire Weekend.. I like to call them dude bro's. People that dont know what is good for them. After Beach House played me and Charlie decided to bolt, but before we stopped by the merch table. I bought the album i didnt have yet and we started talking to the merch girl. I asked her what the chances of them coming out to sign stuff were..and she said hold on, let me text her..I almost died. Like 10 minutes comes Victoria Legrand. One of the people i love the most.. I didnt ever think that i would get to meet her..EVER. So she signed my cd and asked me what my name was.. and i was like can i have a picture?? Pleaaasee? and she said yes.. lets go over here. And we went to this corner of the Venue and took our picture.. and we just started chatting.. and she told me basically her whole life story and in the mean time she hugged me like 10 times no joke.. It was EPIC! Then after we talked for like 25 minutes she did the whole European double kiss on the cheek thing and told me she hoped to see me when she comes back.. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I could have died happy then and there. To make it better that was on 9-2-10..or 90210! ha. Next concert was PHANTOGRAM! Me and charlie had a wonderful time.. hahaha. We started out not being able to find the venue..turns out it is in a shack in an alley, anyway, when we were looking for it we saw this board with writing on it that said "no vehicles beyond this point- thanks kilby". We were really confused until i saw SARAH carrying this huge box of equipment. I was like charlie! thats her! I promise! So charlie thought it would be a good idea to pull into the no vehicle zone and ask if we were in the right spot.. Josh who is the other member in phantogram, came up to our window and charlie said can you help us? and he is all im not from here..but ill try... and charlie is like we are looking for Kilby Court, is this it? and he was like yeah... and gave us this really stupid look. I was stupid does that sound? man. So after that we went to the gateway so we could park, becayse that is the only safe place down there. We decided it was too far to walk, so we waved down a cab. Our driver had these awesome dread locks up in a crazy beanie. So on our way we saw this glass jug with a random clear liquid in it.. we didnt know if it was clear liquor or water..i mean he was from the congo where they drink water out of jugs.. oh well. Well to make a long story shorter.. we get to the venue and i forgot the tickets. So we had 3 more cab rides than we originally planned on. Boo. While we were waiting for doors, i was peeking through the fence and Josh from Phantogram saw me peeking.. UGH! i got embarrassed again.. worst. So Em and Pat showed up, I hadnt seen Pat for like 2 years, it was awesome to hang for a minute. We went in and straight to front and center stage. Perfect spot. Wow..what do I say about phantogram. They have been my number one allllll year. They have only been to the west coast a couple times. They played a show with the antlers that i wanted to go to soooooo bad. BUT it was the same day as kindergarten graduation so i had to choose between the kids and a show.. i picked the kids. Anyway. Liz Hodson and Josiah Wolf opened for phantogram. They are amazing to say the least. Liz sings and plays the bass, and Josiah plays drums, sings, and plays guitar all at the same time. It was so awesome to watch. He never missed a beat. He is extremely talented to say the least. When phantogram was setting up their own stuff i was like inches from SARAH. She is so legit. Daang. When they started i almost cried. It was so awesome. it was everything i was expecting and more. I consider myself a seasoned concert go-er and this was THE best show i have ever seen. After we got to meet everyone: liz, josiah, sarah, and josh. When i talked to Josh the guy who gave us "directions," gave me the weirdest look.. i knew he remembered me from the car, and the fence incident.. whoops. Sarah was so legit. I made her take like 10 pictures with me and so we are pretty much BFF'S. Next up: KATE NASH. Me, Chelsey and Aimee set off to SLC and got stuck in traffic, so we were a tiny bit late for doors. It turned out alright. We still got to the front. Peggy Sue opened and they are some awesome brits. Way cool people too. Kate Nash was all i wanted her to be. So awesome. Such a fun show. She was pissed (drunk) and fell off her keyboard. It was hilarious. We got to talk to Peggy Sue for a minute and pictures and such. So when we were leaving i was like, guys lets go this way. They always hang out here. We turned the corner.. there was KATE! WOOOO! She talked to us and we got our pictures with her and she signed our tickets and stuff. Chalk another one up. My concerts were all a BLAST. I loved every second of all of them. :) 
School ended up okay.. I got straight B's which i am proud of. haha. Now im just preparing for the scary semester that i have coming up. My Christmas shopping is no where close to being done, and i have kade. Which he will not deal well with late Christmas presents.. better get on that soooon. Dang. I think that is more than enough for my first post. Perhaps ill post pictures of the concerts.. we shall see. Later.